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Russia and the Soviet Union 1914-1945 - Year 12 Modern History

Foundation of the Soviet state


By the end of 1922 War Communism was replaced by the NEP, Stalin had been appointed the General Secretary of the Communist Party and the Soviet Union was created. Lenin's death in 1924 and the rise of Stalin as the Party leader would affirm Russia and the Soviet Union's position as a world superpower. 


In this section you will investigate how the Soviet Union was formed and the effects this had on Russia, the region and the world.

From the British Library website "This poster, with its stylised figures, simple, bright colours and bold design, depicts ‘A Worker Sweeping the Criminals out of the Soviet Land’. It was designed by Vladimir Lebedev in the constructivist style born in the early 1920s."



The ClickView video below focuses on the role Leon Trotsky played in the Russian Revolution until his exile and death. Knowledge of Trotsky and the part he played in Russian history is also important in helping you understand the foundation of the Soviet State and Stalin's rule.